You’ve officially been invited to become a Contributor in Work-At-Home School and to speak as an expert in its SUMMIT launch

Doors open to Work-At-Home School January 8 at pre-launch pricing; the Work-At-Home Summit event (official launch) takes place January 29 – February 3, 2018 (Monday-Saturday).

Let’s break it down, y’all! For a quick run-down of what this is all about, watch this video with me and David Gonzalez, affiliate team manager for Work-At-Home School.

What is Work-At-Home School?

Work-At-Home School is a collaborative collection of high-quality digital products contributed by top instructors from all over the world.

The products are sold together in “Curriculum Packages” — you may know them as “bundles” — at various price points to students all around the globe.

It’s an expertly branded version of the classic bundle model combined with a highly targeted + relevant summit to launch it.

Well-Done Summit + Highly Valuable Bundles = Product Launch Magic!

Why partnering with WORK-AT-HOME SCHOOL is
a no-brainer

It is a HUGE earning opportunity.

This will be at least a million-dollar launch. In addition to 40% commission as an affiliate partner, you can also take advantage of the second-tier affiliate program to earn 10% commission on the sales of each affiliate you refer for 12 months. The more people you refer to promote, the more money you will make. Literally. So recruit your friends as teammates during this launch… and win big.

We have a proven track record of winning offers in the work-at-home niche.

I (Caitlin) have sold more than $3 million in 3 years in my proofreading courses alone. I won first place in Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers affiliate launch in October 2017, first place in Ultimate Bundles’ Work-At-Home Bundle sales contest in June 2017, and third place in Self-Publishing School’s February 2017 sales contest — bested only by Jeff Walker and Hal Elrod.

David Gonzalez (founder of Internet Marketing Party) and launch consultant Ron Reich are part of our launch team as well and have also generated millions and millions of dollars selling digital products. In other words: You’re in good hands.

This offer appeals to all types of lists and audiences.

Unlike some offers that are highly targeted to a very specific niche or vertical, Work-At-Home School appeals to consumers from the personal development, finance, fitness, and various other niches.

$50,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

My company, BCP Media, Inc. is investing more than $100,000 to put on this event — a full 50% of that is prize money for affiliates! We’ve got capital and are NOT afraid to use it.

We’re raising the bar on launches and summits.

If you’re tired of promoting launches or being asked to participate in summits that have no other goal than lining one person’s pockets, you’re in good company. In fact, I HATE the way most launches and summits are done, and Work-At-Home School is my way of raising the bar on all of it.

No more doing the bare minimum to make the most money.

No more keeping 80% of the profit to yourself. NO MORE. We’ve built this to benefit everyone involved.

Better yet?

A portion of every purchase gets donated to The Adventure Project (TAP).

TAP is a non-profit organization that “adds venture” capital to support entrepreneurs and create jobs in developing countries with the goal that no child will be born into extreme poverty and local communities can rely on solid business structures, and not international aid, for their development.

This is clearly worth your while, so… are you ready to learn more details on the experience we’ve created for both you and Work-At-Home School students? Let’s go!

How It Works

The Work-At-Home Summit “free ticket” is our “no-brainer” lead magnet into Work-At-Home School.

And it’s an absolutely irresistible offer.

Who doesn’t want to learn from leading experts who work from home for FREE, right?!

Everybody will want in on this.

Once a lead opts in for the free summit, they will NOT be immediately offered a lame all-access pass; they will instead be offered enrollment in Work-At-Home School by way of one of three “curriculum packages” — which are still the classic bundles, just branded for optimized conversion.

“Bundles” → Curriculum Packages

The three curriculum package options are positioned to appeal to various levels of budget and experience — all of which are designed to be absolute no-brainers.

CURIOUS PACKAGE: $147 (Pre-launch)

All summit videos + audio + transcripts; no need to tune in “live” for everything + sponsor bonuses + contributed “beginner” resources valued at $29-$59.

During-summit price: $147

After-summit price: $197


Everything in Curious package + contributed resources (products valued between $60 – $179; beginner/intermediate level.

This package will be promoted as the most popular option.

During-summit price: $397

After-summit price: $497


Everything in Curious and Confident packages + ALL other contributed products valued at between $180 – $298.

During-summit price: $497

After-summit price: $697

Wait… who’s building this?!

If you don’t know me personally yet, I’m Caitlin Pyle, and my mission in life is to connect people with skills they can use to make money from home.

And I’m really, really good at it.

In under three years, I’ve transformed from a freelancer into the owner of the multimillion-dollar media company, BCP Media.

My flagship site,, has generated more than $2.5 million in sales as of July 2017 since it launched its first course in February 2015.

In addition to in-house product revenue, BCP Media generates approximately $25,000 to $40,000 in affiliate product revenue each month.

And now my team and I are building Work-At-Home School — hands down my biggest project yet.

Caitlin Pyle

ARE you IN?

Email [email protected] to let us know you’re interested in contributing a product to Work-At-Home School and/or speaking as an expert in the summit launch in January. If you qualify, we’ll send you an Acuity scheduling link to schedule your interview.

Questions? Book a 15-minute chat to get answers!

Get Answers

FOUR Ways to Earn Commission as a
WAH School Partner

There are FOUR ways to earn commission as a WAH School Partner.

They are listed in order — from highest commission to lowest commission.


Contributing Speaker

Speak as an expert AND contribute a product to a Work-At-Home School Curriculum Package (again; this is a bundle :-)).

  • Earn 60% commission on sales from your unique link.
  • Three types of products can be contributed:
    1. Curious package products are valued at between $29 and $59.
    2. Confident package products are valued at between $60 and $179.
    3. Committed package products are valued at between $180 and $298.
  • Initially submitting a product does not guarantee its inclusion. BCP Media reviews all products and decides whether or not it will be included and if so, in which Curriculum Package (Curious, Confident, or Committed)..
  • Instructors will also have the opportunity to have a link to their lead magnet on their summit page for people interested in your free opt-in content so you can grow your list.
  • Are you in? Email [email protected] to let us know you’re interested in contributing to Work-At-Home School. If you qualify, we’ll send you an Acuity scheduling link to schedule your interview.
  • Regardless of whether or not you contribute and/or speak, if you want to promote you’ll need to sign up as an affiliate in Infusionsoft 🙂 Sign up as an affiliate here.
Your exact earnings will depend on when your opt-ins enroll in Work-At-Home School according to where we are in the launch period as shown in the table below.
Curious Package
Your 60% commission
Confident Package
Your 60% commission
Committed Package
Your 60% commission
OTO Post Opt-in
(60 minutes)
$147 ($50 off)
$88.20 commission
$397 ($100 off)
$238.20 commission
$497 ($200 off)
$298.20 commission
Summit/launch price $197
$118.20 commission
$298.20 commission
$418.20 commission
Evergreen price (Deadline Funnel) $197
$118.20 commission
$298.20 commission
$418.20 commission
Here are just a few examples of how much you’d earn if you sold…

10 “Curious” packages at $197 = $1,182
100 “Curious” packages at $197 = $11,820
1,000 “Curious” packages at $197 = $118,200

10 “Confident” packages at $497 = $2,982
100 “Confident” packages at $497 = $29,820
1,000 “Confident” packages at $497 = $298,200

10 “Committed” packages at $697 = $4,182
100 “Committed” packages at $697 = $41,820
1,000 “Committed” packages at $697 = $418,200


Contributing Affiliate

This means you contribute a product to Work-At-Home School but do not speak as an expert in Work-At-Home Summit.

  • Earn 50% commission on sales from your unique link.
  • This process requires an application so my team can review your product to determine if it’s a good fit for Work-At-Home School.. Click here to apply as a contributing affiliate →
  • Not everyone who applies to be a contributing affiliate will be selected as a contributing affiliate. If you submit to become a contributing affiliate and are not selected, we will still let you know that and provide you the link to sign up as a non-contributing affiliate (40% commission).
  • Regardless of whether or not you contribute and/or speak, if you want to promote you’ll need to sign up as an affiliate in Infusionsoft 🙂 Sign up as an affiliate here.

Why should I speak when I can just contribute a product and still earn 50%?
Because your subscribers want to hear from YOU — and you get the opportunity to be in front of a much larger audience as a speaker (not to mention we include a link to your lead magnet). As a contributing affiliate, you’re not nearly as visible to the audience.



This means you do not contribute to Work-At-Home School or to the summit.

  • Earn 40% commission on sales from your unique link.
  • Learn more here: Affiliate Information
  • Click here to apply as a regular affiliate → Apply Now
  • Speakers who do not contribute products to a Work-At-Home School package are also compensated as affiliates.


Second-Tier Affiliate

This is another big way we’ve made this event unique and extremely generous in its compensation plan.

  • If you recruit affiliates through your second tier link, you will earn 10% of any sales generated by those affiliates. Simply sign up as an affiliate to get your second-tier link.
  • NOTE: Do not promote the affiliate program until you have your second-tier link. If you refer someone but they do not use your second-tier link to sign up as an affiliate, we will not be able to give you any credit for their sales. Make sure they use your second-tier link.

Can I speak, contribute a product, and recruit other affiliates with my second-tier affiliate link? Yes! Yes! YES! If you have an existing affiliate program, reach out to your list of affiliates and, using your second-tier affiliate link that you can obtain in our Infusionsoft portal, invite them to become affiliates under you. You will earn 10% of their sales revenue for a year.

This can REALLY add up. We highly recommend getting your existing affiliates on board as affiliates for the event. Your existing affiliates are NOT your competition; they are your TEAM!


Type of Affiliate Commission Percentage
Contributing Speaker 60%
Contributing Affiliate 50%
Non-Contributing Speaker or Affiliate 40%
Second-Tier Affiliate 10%

BONUS… Two MORE Ways to Earn by
Promoting this Event:

As if the amazing commission structure weren’t already enough, we’ve got $50,000 set aside for not one but TWO contests for all levels of affiliate (except second-tier) where you can earn cash prizes for doing one of two things:

1. Sending opt-ins to the free ticket offer (via your email list, social media, or ads)

2. Generating sales of Work-At-Home School (Curriculum Packages/bundles).

Contest #1: Opt-ins

The 10 speakers/affiliates who send the most opt-ins to the summit before it begins will be eligible for cash prizes.

We’ve not yet announced the official opt-in contest dates.

Prize Cash Value
#1 Prize: $3,600
#2 Prize: $2,850
#3 Prize: $2,100
#4 Prize: $1,500
#5 Prize: $1,200
#6 Prize: $1,050
#7 Prize: $900
#8 Prize: $750
#9 Prize: $600
#10 Prize: $450

Contest #2: Sales

The sales contest is based on total DOLLAR AMOUNT of sales generated, not the # of Curriculum Packages sold.

The total amount of your commission earned plays no role in whether or not you can win this contest. This means even if you’re earning 40% commission as a non-contributing affiliate, you can still place in the sales contest and win a prize!

The TEN speakers/affiliates who generate the highest dollar amount of sales before and during the summit week (ending Saturday, February 3 at 11:59 PST; 3:00am EST) will win a cash prize on top of any commission generated:

Prize Cash Value
#1 Prize: $8,400
#2 Prize: $6,650
#3 Prize: $4,900
#4 Prize: $3,500
#5 Prize: $2,800
#6 Prize: $2,450
#7 Prize: $2,100
#8 Prize: $1,750
#9 Prize: $1,400
#10 Prize: $1,050


We want our JV partners and affiliates to make the most money possible.  The rules mentioned below are to protect our partners — and us as a company — from not-so-kind someones who may try to game the contest.

To qualify for contest prize money:

  • You must sell a minimum of 20 units to qualify for prizes
  • The overall commission you earn at the end of the contest must be equal to or more than the contest prize you win
  • Final decisions about the prizes will be made by BCP Media, Inc. team.


Contributing speakers are also eligible to receive a bonus.

Bonuses are calculated based on the performance of noncontributing affiliates.

This is why referring affiliates using your second-tier link is so powerful — the bigger the pool of non-contributing affiliates (and the better they perform), the bigger the bonus will be for contributors.

In other words: USE YOUR SECOND-TIER LINK to refer non-contributing affiliates!

Watch this video to learn more about how Contributor Bonuses work.

Watch this video to learn more about how Contributor Bonuses work.

Who are the Speakers?

Becky Straw

CEO of The Adventure Project

Janet Shaughnessy

Transcription Business Building Expert

Melissa and Robbie Stephenson

Creators of Flipper University

Julie Stoian

Digital Marketing Expert and Mom of four!

Peter Valley

Amazon Bookselling Expert

Dr. Lindsay Goulet, Ph. D.

Hot Mama Health & Fitness

Selena Soo

Publicity and Marketing Strategist

Cloris Kylie

Marketing Coach and Influencer Marketing Specialist

Monica Froese

Professional Blogger and Online Business Coach

Sagan Morrow

Content Marketing Strategist

Janet LeBlanc

Certified Public Accountant

Becky Rapinchuk

 Author of Simply Clean

Angie Nelson

Professional Blogger

Brittany Bullen

Author and Marketing Expert

Carey & Demir Bentley

Productivity Coaches

Charissa Quade

Budgeting Expert

Hilary Sutton

Writer, Strategist, and Actor

Ron Bruno

Health Coverage Expert

Joseph Michael

Course Creation Specialist

Emma Bates

Small Business Coach and Blogger

Charles Byrd

Public Speaker, Productivity Trainer, and Tech Expert

Lise Cartwright

Author and Self-Publishing Coach

Eileen Wilder

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Pastor

Rachael Todd

RKT Consulting
Miss United States 2017

Gina Horkey

Creator of Horkey Handbook

Kelly George

Homeschooling Expert and Professional Blogger

Jamie Davidson

eCommerce Expert

Hahna Latonick

Coding Expert

Marc Guberti

Content Marketing Expert

Monica Louie

Facebook Ads Coach

Ann Visser

Relationship Mentor and Coach

Josh Turner

Leading LinkedIn Expert

Jeff Goins

Author of The Art of Work

Bryan Dulaney

Nagina Abdullah

Health Coach

Theresa Ceniccola

Writer and Coach

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Blogger and Traveler

Mark Timm

Entrepreneur and CEO of Ziglar Family,

Matt Astifan

Founder of Web Friendly and Internet Masterminds

Linda Evenson

Founder of Internet Scoping School

Lee Cockerell

Retired Disney Executive VP, Time Management Expert

Rosemarie Groner

Blogger and Mother

Dan Cumberland

Jonathan Milligan

Author, Blogger, Speaker, Coach

Josh Marsden

Online Marketing Expert

Alinka Rutkowska

Authoring Pro

Kate Ahl

Pinterest Expert

Carrie Rose

Learning Authority

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Productivity Champion


Work-At-Home School staff will consist of 40+ instructors.

Want to be on this list?

Email [email protected] to let us know you’re interested in contributing a product to Work-At-Home School and/or speaking as an expert in the summit launch in January.. If you qualify, we’ll send you an Acuity scheduling link to schedule your interview.

Questions? Book a 15-minute chat to get answers!

Get Answers

How to Promote this event

Pre-launch promotion runs during the three weeks before the summit start date (January 8-28; summit runs January 29-February 3).

Summit speakers (who are WAH School’s “instructors”) and affiliates invite their fans, followers, and subscribers to attend the Work-At-Home Summit FREE with a basic ticket.

Your Own List

The simplest way to promote this is to follow the pre-launch promotion schedule and use the swipe copy to mail your list. We’ll provide all of the necessary tools (suggested promo calendar, banners, copy, etc.) well before the event commences so you can plan ahead — it can even be totally hands off if that’s how you want it!

Second-Tier Affiliate Program

Because it’s not common to offer a second-tier affiliate program, don’t forget to tap into your current network of affiliates!! If you have an affiliate program for your own product(s), use your second-tier affiliate link to recruit them as your second-tier affiliates. You’ll earn 10% on ALL of your second-tier affiliates’ sales before, during, and after the summit for up to 12 months. In order to qualify, your affiliates MUST click on your second-tier referral link before registering as an affiliate with us. As a contributing speaker, referring affiliates would mean you’d not only receive 60% commission on sales from your own list; you’ll also receive 10% of all your affiliates’ sales — which is a completely passive income source for you.

Organic Social Media

You might have a sizeable following on social media. Consider doing a giveaway to entice your followers to share your post about the summit with their friends.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

This is an event with broad appeal. Practically anyone who doesn’t already generate income from home or abroad would like to do so. Use that to your advantage.

Your Blog and/or Podcast

If you’re already publishing valuable content for free, pre-launch promo week is a great opportunity to promote this event and invite your audience to invest in the excellent value inherent in Work-At-Home School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to someone to get more information?
Yes! Please check this page thoroughly to make sure I haven’t already answered your question. Happy to chat with you on what WAH School is about and give advice on what product you should include. Email me at [email protected] or schedule a 15-minute call with me here: Schedule Now!
Will I have enough support as a speaker/affiliate?
Big fat YES. We have a dedicated affiliate management team who is there to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to easily promote and make sales. There is swipe copy and a suggested calendar for social media and for emailing your list. You can also chat with other affiliates in the Facebook group, where we’ll be sharing tips, posting the leaderboards for the contest, and cheering each other on.

Note that once someone on your list has opted in, they’ll be in our sales funnel already, so we highly recommend giving your subscribers a way to opt out of emails about the summit to limit your unsubscribes — especially if you plan to hit it hard during pre-launch promo.

My blog/website isn’t about working at home. Can I still promote?
Yes. This is an affiliate opportunity for anyone with an email list with subscribers who are interested in working at home in ANY way, shape, or form.

You can also use your second-tier affiliate link to recruit other affiliates. You will earn 10% of their sales revenue for 12 months.

Is this event promoting MLM?
No. MLM will not be mentioned at all. This event is designed to reveal the world of opportunity to generate income at home without being involved in an MLM.

For years, many people have believed the only way to work from home is either through a network marketing company or by working for a company that allows “telecommuting.” Our aim with this event is to bust that myth and show the virtually innumerable ways anyone can learn and use skills to generate real income from home — or anywhere in the world.

Is this a physical, in-person event?
No. This is an all-online event and all content and products will be delivered 100% digitally. There is no traveling or hotel stays involved — which is a big draw for participants.
When will opt-ins be presented with the opportunity to enroll in Work-At-Home School?
Immediately after opting in for their free ticket, they’ll be presented with the information on how enrolling in Work-At-Home School (buying a bundle). Each package will have its own page to showcase everything included..
How much time do I need to speak for the summit?
To participate as a speaker, you’ll need to invest approximately 10 minutes to schedule your interview and fill out the intake form, plus up to 45 minutes to appear as an expert in a recorded Zoom interview with me (Caitlin Pyle). So less than an hour for most speakers.

(If what we’re talking about is extra awesome, it could go longer, so you’ll want to be open to letting the conversation flow.)

Will my subscribers even want to buy a Curriculum Package? Why wouldn’t they want to just watch the Summit for free during launch week?
They’re not just buying a bundle; they’re enrolling in Work-At-Home School, where they’ll have access to world-class courses and resources on all aspects of working at home. So YES; many subscribers will want to “buy a bundle” 🙂

The Work-At-Home Summit is designed to appeal to an enormous audience, as is Work-At-Home School. Contributing a product to a bundle(s) gives your subscribers a HUGE incentive to enroll in Work-At-Home School — they want your product! If they already have your product, then it’s still likely they’re going to want someone else’s.

Do I have to promote WAH School, or can I just promote the free summit?
During pre-launch, we’ll all be promoting the free ticket. Let our funnel do the rest!

We’ll provide “I got you a free ticket to this AMAZING event!” swipe copy during pre-launch. You’ll want to heavily promote the free tickets during this time (and participate in the opt-in contest!)

During the summit “live” week, you may choose to promote again on the day you’re speaking. If you contribute a product, that is also your opportunity to remind your audience HOW to get that product (and a slew of other products!) for a huge discount through enrolling in Work-At-Home School.

You may also choose to promote on the last day of the summit to encourage and remind those who have not enrolled in WAH School that the package prices are increasing.

What if my subscribers already have my product or don’t want it?
Even your subscribers who don’t WANT or ALREADY HAVE your product(s) may very well still buy a premium ticket in order to get a product (or three!) that they DO want. You still earn the commission when they buy through you — even if they’ve already purchased your product before 🙂

For example, I’m going big and contributing my $397 Ignite-level general proofreading course to the $497 Gold ticket bundle. Preeeetty much everyone on my email list who doesn’t have this course already and wants it will buy the Gold Ticket to get that course because they’ll get so much more on top of just my course alone.

The ones that already have the course will still see the value in the Gold Ticket because of all the other products included, so they may very well buy the Gold Ticket too.

The affiliate commission for my course by itself is 20% or $79.40, but if a subscriber buys the Gold ticket through your 60%-commission link (if you’re a contributing speaker) just to get my proofreading course, you’ll earn $298.20 — which is 73.4% more commission than you’d earn by selling the proofreading course alone.

Can’t I just sell my product by itself?
The pricing tiers are set up to guarantee that you will earn more by selling WAH School than you would from just selling your product by itself.

As an example, if your $97 product is included in the Confident curriculum package at $297 and you earn 60% commission as a contributing speaker, you earn $178.20 when a subscriber buys that package — which is more than the cost of your product! — AND your subscriber gets a whole lot more than your product in exchange. A true win-win in every sense of the term.

Similarly, if your $197 product is included in the Committed package at $497 and you earn 60% commission, you’ll earn $298.20 by selling a Committed package — again, more than the price of your product by itself.

What kind of product should I contribute to WAH School?
WAH School is NOT meant to include your high-ticket, flagship products and courses priced more than $300.

Products between $29 and $59 are included in the Curious package; products valued between $60 and $179 are included in the Confident package, and products valued between $180 and $298 are included in the Committed package.

Participants who buy Confident also get Curious; participants who buy Committed also get access to Curious and Confident-level products.

Please note that we may not be able to accept your product if it is not relevant to the target audience. For example, we’re not going to include advanced level courses on how to start a high-level business mastermind or 7-figure FB ad agency.

Are you doing any paid advertising to promote the summit?
Yes. We have a $20,000+ Facebook ad budget for the launch
When does the launch summit begin, and when should I start promoting?
Pre-summit promotion takes place for three weeks, starting January 8 through Sunday, January 28, and the summit commences Monday, January 29. It ends February 2 at 11:59 PM PST/3:00 AM EST.
How often should I email my list?
Contributors commit to mailing your email list at least three times (follow the schedule we’ll provide for best results!!) and promote the summit on social media before the summit commences.

Use the swipe copy and graphics provided in the affiliate portal. There really has never been anything easier to promote!

Can I do paid advertising to promote the event?
Yes. Just be sure to follow all of Facebook or Pinterest or Google’s rules. No monkey business! Don’t get yourself blocked or banned. If we find out you’re participating in ANY KIND of questionable practices (link stuffing, black hat, etc.), you’ll be disqualified and all commissions forfeited.
Can I offer extra bonuses to entice people to buy through my link?
Yes. As long as the bonus is not something you have to pay for or buy, you can offer it. For example, you cannot promise an iPad to everyone who buys a Committed package, but you can do a series of follow-up group coaching calls, include another product not included in a WAH School package, offer a discount on your high-ticket product, or offer a private Facebook group just for your subscribers who enroll in WAH School. You can even offer bonuses ONLY to those who enroll as a Confident or Committed student. Get creative and have fun providing value to your audience 🙂


Set up a 15-Minute call with me to get answers

Get Answers

Ready to schedule your speaker interview as a contributor? Email [email protected] with subject line “I’M IN!” and I’ll send you the form to schedule your interview as a contributor.

The Summit: Working Outline of Topics and Schedule

Day 1: Plan

  • Mindset/money blocks
  • Find your why
  • Goal Setting

Day 2: Plan, Part 2

  • Mindset changes
  • Creating a business plan
  • Time management

Day 3: Build, Part 1 — WAH expert spotlights

  • Transcription (general and legal)
  • Virtual assisting
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Bookkeeping

Day 4: Build, Part 2 — WAH career expert spotlights

  • Blogging (general)
  • Etsy selling
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Self-publishing
  • Fleamarket flipping
  • Amazon arbitrage
  • Infopreneurship

Day 5: Thrive, Part 1

  • Getting out of learning mode
  • Work/life balance
  • How to travel the world — even with multiple businesses and kids
  • Attracting clients/networking
  • Managing clients

Day 6: Thrive, Part 2

  • Accounting
  • time management/keeping house
  • motivation and habits
  • self care/fitness
  • Growing beyond the freelance world

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